MQ Discussion Series 2014-009

June 2014


Summary 本論文は,Keio Household Panel Survey (KHPS)の調査データによる実証研究の結果をまとめた『日本の家計行動のダイナミズム』(5巻から9巻)にもとづいて,

MQ Discussion Series 2014-007

May, 2014

Signaling Competence in Elections

Summary We analyze how political candidates can signal their competence and show that polarization might be a way of doing this. Read more...

MQ Discussion Series 2014-006

May, 2014

Dynamic Persuasion

Summary This study develops a model of dynamic persuasion. A sender has a fixed number of arguments that contain information about the quality of his proposal, each of which is either favorable or unfavorable. Read more...